About us

We are a young architecture studio based in Melbourne. We think buildings can be wonderful things, and seeing how much of  our lives we all spend inside them, they really should be as wonderful as possible.

We have experience working at many scales and across many programs, from universities and stadiums to schools, community centres, apartment buildings, museums, houses, restaurants, shops and offices. We  take great care and delight in materials and details; they are the elements through which people most directly relate to their surroundings it seems, but we also work knowing that sometimes space itself is the ultimate luxury.

What has been the proudest achievement in your career?

Setting up a practice that supports parenting, practicing architecture and furthering our careers. We each have kids under six and know that the days of being able to turn up on time every day and stay late every night are over, at least for the next several years. I had a boss early in my working life who showed me an excellent example of office management and culture. It came down to communication – asking, checking, changing, adjusting.

In our office we communicate a lot, we check in, arrange, re-arrange. We know what the goal is (great work and outcomes) and make sure we give ourselves space and time to work towards this while doing what we need to do as parents. I figure our kids are starting their education early, as they come on site regularly.

Can you provide a little insight into the challenges and highlights of founding your own architecture studio?

A definite highlight is cultivating a team of supportive people to work with. Recently Imogen Pullar joined me as a business partner at Drawing Room. With ten years of award-winning work under her belt, she brings so much to the business but also her style, grace and generosity make our workplace a really nice place to be.  Arianna Wilson has worked alongside me from the beginning and I can confidently say she is by far the smartest person I know.

We’ve also had very supportive clients who have shown us a lot of trust and respect, leading to mutually satisfying outcomes.

Nicola Dovey – Architect & FounderRegistered Architect (Victoria) 18123